For healthy skin, a skin solution for experts. CIVASAN Professional’s vision is to maintain healthy skin for our customers. CIVASAN works with superior know-how to provide an innovative skin solution for a better quality of life.

    Skin is an important part of our body. It protects our body, and has the amazing ability to heal itself. However, environmental pollution, stress, and wrong eating habits are not only aging the skin and its ability to regenerate itself. Therefore, our goal is to improve skin in this dismal state to a healthy one.






    Since its creation, Algotherm has always been inspired and devoted to the sea. We draw our inspiration from the richness and the strengths of the ocean to restitute all its natural benefits at the heart of each product and treatment.

    Our motto is to develop treatments and products that are faithful to our marine origins and provide no over-realistic promises. All our treatments are created with our experts in the Algotherm International Training Center located in the Thalasso Spa by Algotherm of Deauville.

    Consumer satisfaction is our priority. We have proudly received many professional and consumer’s recognitions throughout the years via numerous prestigious and international awards.